Peach Farmer gave me the opportunity to be a part of their sulfurous project. They mandated me to create the brand’s visual identity and ensure the artistic direction to build a surprising, sweet and hedonistic brand universe.

  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Digital Content Design
  • 2018, 2019, 2020

What is Peach Farmer?

Peach Farmer is a lottery to win a luxury weekend and have a troubling, fun and memorable meeting with a P*rn Star. A concept where visual communication balances between provocative, light-hearted and fantasy, on the borderline of strikes in social media.

Visual Identity

The visual identity created for Peach Farmer is easily identifiable and recognizable. This is a living logo, like a heartbeat that never stops. You feel that you only have to touch it to join the game and experience all the excitement and emotions that Peach Farmer has to offer to you. A strong identity, both simple and full of reference and meaning.

Web Application

Farmers receive seeds to watch ads in order to collect lottery tickets to win a luxury weekend to Meet The Peach. This work was created in synergy with the development team who take up the technical challenge of coding a flawless, fun and addictive lottery farming game into a web application full of animations.

Landing Page

This homepage is designed to drive traffic for one specific goal. To simply inform the user about the added value of Peach Farmer for him, and take them to take the only action mentioned: sign up!

Digital Content

Shooting, art direction, and post-production of various static and animate content adaptable to all advertising campaigns on social media. To promote this alpha version, the intention was to highlight fun, sweet and sexy content surfing on social media trends with a dose of visual effects and pop culture.


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